Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Right now, winter procedures are (literally) in season.  Because the sun isn’t very strong, this is a great time for facial rejuvenation procedures that can have some recovery time and that require minimal sun exposure. Patients are opting towards nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures like PRP (or the vampire facial), microneedling, peels, and laser treatments.   There are multiple options for laser resurfacing and peels, most with minimal down time. Three to six treatments are standard for these procedures before patients see significant results, so winter is a great time to start.

Laser hair removal also takes a few sessions to see results, and sun exposure is not suggested during treatments. Kybella for neck rejuvenation is also a popular winter treatment since patients can hide the minimal swelling with scarves.

For 2018, the trend is going to be towards the natural look.  Patients want more subtle, less obvious procedures- everyone wants the effects of plastic surgery without looking like they had plastic surgery!  For example, our breast augmentation patients are asking for smaller, more natural sizes.   Advances in breast implant materials such as gummy bear implants with a more natural projection are popular.

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